How to Add Fingerprint to Safe108H4M

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How to Add Your Fingerprint

Instruction for drawer safe  SZDS108H4M 

Fingerprints Registration and unlocking operation

1- Fingerprint Registration  (Maximum 60 fingerprints)

With door open, press the reset button on the back of door near the hinge,you will hear 2 beeps,  

put the finger on the center area of fingerprint acquisition window (scanner window), then remove the finger at once, 

then again put this finger,then remove,total repeat 4 times, when you hear a beep and LED green indicator turn on. 

your fingerprint have been successfully registered. Register up to 59 different fingerprints . 

2-Unlocking by fingerprint recognition:

Press the power-on key,then put the finger on the fingerprint window , when a long beep with the LED green indicator turn on ,within 5 seconds, turn knob to open the door. 

Notes: if green and red light get twinkle with 3 short beeps , this indicate failure ,please try another registered finge or use your digital code to open the safe .fingerprint recognition may not function properly of your finger is soiled ,oily or damp, or after extended bathing or swimming,Or if the sanner window is dirty,dusty or smeared.