Why choose Temic RF Lock

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Why hotel use TEMIC RF LOCK more better than  TEMIC RF locks?

What is the unique technology  of  Secustar RFID hotel lock?

Contactless RFID Technology 

for RFID hotel lock,There are two types of RFID cards based on the difference between frequencies.

MIFARE chips RF Contactless card ,Low Frequency at 125KHz RFID card, with a reading distance of 1-2cm.

TEMIC  High Frequency at 13.56MHz RFID card, with a reading distance of up to 10cm.

 Secustar RFID hotel lock is using High Frequency at 13.56MHz RFID card.

1,Ultra-low power consumpation.

Secustar  Premier RF card hotel   locks feature with Ultralow-power consumption and  Ultrafast wake-Up ,the static status consumption  less than  4uA,  

the lock powered by 4 pcs Alkaline batteries  can work up to 7-8 years without replacement.     


RFID hotel lock Low Frequency at 125KHz RFID card   : 4 pcs Alkaline batteries  will work only 1 year.

 2,Utmost Security features.

 the main Microcontroller of  Secustar RFID hotel lock is using  MSP430 MCU which supplied by Texas Instrument Inc. 

Specially data encryption on  prevents from  tempering-proof & illegal manipulation.


those competitors MCU are cheaper industrial type, like philips MCU or more lower price MCU.

 3,IPX66 level Waterproof Lock reader.

the Secustar hotel lock features Anti-fog,Moisture proof,Waterproof ,dripping water, raining splash,

The card lock reader's PCB is totally sealed up in  epoxy resin  , this water-proof feature is very ideal for humidity conditions 

hotels resorts,tropical climate hotels, motels.  especially ideal for resorts with the room lock exposed directly under the outside.